Friday, 15 April 2016

Investment or Insurance Which one is better?

Right execution of a monetary arrangement can help you to accomplish your dream of financial freedom. You might know about this yet you might be confuse at choosing which is better – investment or insurance. 
Investment and Insurance are two unique things. 
Investment is general commitment, month to month or yearly, which helps you in accomplishing your ultimate financial goals. On the another note, insurance is an approach to secure yourself and your family by paying an amount of premium. 

You enjoy the return on the investment whereas under term life insurance the total guaranteed will go to your chosen one.

You will be considered as a smart investor when you plan the duration and amount which can take you nearer to your financial goals by regular investment whereas you will be considered as a smart insurance purchaser when you arrange the sum which would be sufficient to cover the economic loss caused to your family.

Each investment comes with different duration and risks. On the contrary, when you settle for term insurance, you pay a little premium and get the maximum coverage as death benefits. In any case, in the event of you surviving the policy duration, you don’t get anything.

Hence, ideally you should go for both. The only complication in choosing this way is that you will have to set aside enough cash for both. However, it is not impossible if done through careful planning.


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