Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Live Equity Market Tips and Suggestions

The Indian economy lost $8 billion (around Rs 50,000 crore) in the last two years due to ban on mining iron ore, while mineral-rich Goa alone lost Rs 3,000 crore — the state's estimate in its new mining lease policy.

The ban was lifted in April, but miners are pessimistic as they do not see a quick upturn as the international market conditions are not favourable.Also, Indian customers in the global market have turned to other suppliers, who would not easily let their customers go, industry officials said. Goa's Grant of Mining Leases Policy, 2014, says stoppage of mining also had a cascading impact on other sectors. It said the exposure of financial institutions was more than Rs 850 crore as loan/advance on mining sector to trucks, barges, machinery and small time operators. 

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